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Essential Design can help you get the most out of your web site by providing you with the following services:

  • Initial Setup: We can help you obtain and register your web site URL and coordinate the hosting of your site.
  • Initial Web Site Development: We will work with you to review your needs and develop the requirements for your site. Then we will prototype your site, giving you several alternatives to review. Once the prototype has been approved, we will finish the development of your site, test it and get it moved to the web.

  • Web Site Enhancements: We will work with you to keep your site current and increase your functionality as your business changes.

  • Search Engine Utilization: We will work with you on your strategy and implementation on how to best use the web search engines to help push more business to your site.

  • Ongoing Maintenance: We will provide ongoing maintenance to allow you to make content changes via e-mail at no additional charge, which will also provide you with trouble shooting. Monthly reports will be provided to help evaluate your search engine strategy (where the hits are coming from).

All work is estimated and reviewed with you before work begins. Once you have approved the estimate and the work to be done, we will deliver the work for the price quoted (unless there is a change in scope).

  • Development and Enhancements:
    • To develop a complete website, we typically charge around $600. We may charge more for Flash-based websites. You can either provide us with your own template or an example website with the look you want, or you can allow us to propose a design that we feel suits your business or organization.

    • To enhance your website (e.g., integrate databases and forms, design a new logo, update the look and feel of your pages), we typically charge $40 per hour.

  • Hosting: We will coordinate your hosting efforts. Essential Design uses Westhost and the fees run around $15-20 a month (unless you already have someone hosting your site).

  • Vendor-related Work: We will coordinate vendor efforts, such as registration of your domain with registrars and hosting companies, and let you know what the costs are before proceeding. You will be billed the actual costs of the vendor services (we do not mark anything up).

  • Maintenance: Essential Design charges anywhere from $50 to $100 a month for maintenance of your site depending on your needs. The maintenance provides you with someone to monitor your site and to help you keep its content current (such as monthly specials or news letters). It does not include enhancements.